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World Soccer (Master System)

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Quick Overview

This version of Great Soccer is on the Sega cartridge. The other version of Great Soccer is on the Sega card and an entirely different game. Dribble, pass, shoot and score! Two game selections are available to play. The first is a top-down perspective soccer game. The second is a 3rd-person perspective penalty kick contest. The team that scores the most goals in either game selection wins. However, if regulation time runs out in the regular soccer game mode, there will be a penalty kick shoot-off to determine the winner. All the same rules apply to this soccer game as in a real life match. There are kickoffs, offside violations, slide tackles, corner kicks, out of bound throw-ins and goalie saves all during gameplay. Choose from one of eight nations to compete in a match of professional soccer. The nations available are Argentina, West Germany, France, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, USA and Japan —each with their own strengths and expertise.

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