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Sore Thumb - image of Tobidase Panibon Panic Bomber  (Virtual Boy) Japanese Region Free

Tobidase Panibon Panic Bomber (Virtual Boy) Japanese Region Free

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Quick Overview

Panic Bomber Tobidase! Panibon とびだせ!ぱにボン Panic Bomber is a Tetris-style game set in the Bomberman universe. The aim is to form a chain of 3 identical blocks to make them disappear. This causes bombs (not lit) to drop in your play field. These can only explode if you can place a lit bomb (which drops regularly from the top of the screen) close enough. Doing well at this will fill your opponent's field with rubbish and make his life that much harder.

Additional Information

Boxed AFactory Sealed Product
Boxed BProduct Boxed & Complete with Manual
Boxed CProduct Boxed without Manual
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