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Spider-Man 2 ( PSP)

Quick Overview

Spider-Man is no stranger to videogames, but Sam Raimi's recent movies have seen him swing his way back onto the scene par excellence. Offerings on pretty much every console featured fun, involving gameplay which far exceeded what we have come to expect from the often cynical world of movie tie-ins. Now the webslinging wiseguy puts in a welcome appearance in the PSP launch line-up. In the middle of an existential crisis, Peter Parker must put aside his paranoia to tackle the dastardly plans of nuclear scientist turned cybernetic sea creature Dr. Otto Octavius, or Doctor Octopus, or Doc. Ock. Not only that, but the spherically headed Mysterio, Rhino, Shocker and the Vulture are also up to no good, and it's up to you to battle them through 19 all-new levels. Each fully interactive environment feature scenarios based on the events of the hit film and some all new occurrences scripted just for the game. Quality graphics on the handheld's fantastic widescreen make the action quite something to behold, and a nicely rendered Spidey boasts some impressive special moves, some of which - like the Cocoon and the Heavy Web Ball - are exclusive to PSP. In a world that, sometimes lamentably, features more than its fair share of books-of-the-film-of-the-game-of-the-comic crossover nonsense, it's refreshing how successful and enjoyable recent reworkings of the Spider-Man franchise have been. Both films were hugely enjoyable, and Spider-Man 2 on consoles improved on the already decent first game of the film. The PSP looks to be the stage for another successful outing for your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

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