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Sore Thumb - image of Pac-in-Time  ( SFC)

Pac-in-Time ( SFC)

Quick Overview

Pac-Man gets thrown back in time to his younger days after the nefarious Ghost Witch casted a spell on him for spoiling her plans. Now he has to find his way back to the present time. Pac-Man has to go through several areas broken into ten sections each. To exit a section all of the pellets need to be collected in order for the exit to the section to appear. Pac-Man can jump and use tools. Tools include things such as hammers, fireballs, a bubble for underwater survival, and a climbing vine. This version of Pac-in-Time should not be confused with other versions of Pac-in-Time as the game engine, level layouts, and aesthetic are different.

Additional Information

Boxed AFactory Sealed Product
Boxed BProduct Boxed & Complete with Manual
Boxed CProduct Boxed without Manual
DLoose Item