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Hebereke's Popoon ( SNES )

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CONDITION GOOD HAS A STICKER ON THE COVER Hebereke's Popoon is a falling block puzzle game which is always played against an opponent, either AI or human. Just like in Dr. Mario, there is always a pair of two blocks of varying colours falling down from the top of the screen. As long as they are falling, the blocks can be rotated. The goal is to bring three or more blocks of the same colour together; then they disappear and cause a special block to appear on the opponent's side. After a block vanishes, the blocks over it fall down. The match is lost, when the space the pair of blocks appear in is filled by another block, i.e. the screen is full. The game has eight characters and the special block mentioned above is the head of the own character. It can be only removed when matched with a block of the same colour. However, when the player manages to create a chain reaction one of two special attacks may be unleashed against the opponent, e.g. reversing the controls or obscuring the vision for 10 seconds. The attacks vary from character to character. During the campaign, the player initially takes control over Hebereke and has to defeat all other characters (best of three). After a character is defeated, it can be used for the next match. The tournament mode is a sequence of knockout matches. Here up to eight players can participate, but the matches itself are always one against one.. | SNES| |SunSoft| Platform| |Side Scroller|

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