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England International Football ( XBOX)

Quick Overview

We've all done it. Whenever there's been an opportunity to put yourself in your favourite videogame team, we've all grinned inanely as we've entered our names - and as time and technology has advanced, our likenesses - into the game. England International Football, however, has to be the ultimate ego trip for a patriotic soccer fan. Not just a kick-about with Becks, Owen and Gerrard - this is the serious business of European pride and glory. No matter how good or how rubbish you are at the real thing, England International Football gives you the chance to shine. If you look like something approaching a human being, and you can spell your name (allegedly, when Jason Roberts - now with Wigan Athletic - submitted his transfer request at West Bromwich Albion, he'd spelt his name wrongly!) you're in the game The European Championship follows a group structure according to the fixture list. As you enter the championship, you'll see a list of the groups that you and other teams are drawn to play in. You can play in the pre-selected group, or you can edit or re-draw the groups for a different set of opposition. Distribution of points in the group phase of the European Championship is three points for a win; one point for a draw; and zero points for a loss. As in the real competition, failing to finish in the top half of your group table means you will not go on to the knockout stages - only three games played and you're on your way home. Oh, the shame! Regular FIFA rules apply in England International Football, in that any player dismissed in a match, any player who accumulates sufficient yellow cards, or any player who gets injured will be unavailable to play. This is where the strength and depth of your squad is called upon, as you have to replace key players and possibly tinker with your team strategy. Exhibition mode is where you can select two teams from the menu, and there are more to choose from than the paltry 16 teams that are taking part in Euro 2004. South America is well represented to allow for some magical Latin touches, and some of the teams who fell at the last qualifying hurdle are present too, such as Scotland, Wales, Turkey and the Republic of Ireland. All these teams and more are immediately available to play in International League and International Cup modes, plus the Custom Tournament mode, which consists of three formats: Group Cup is similar to the Euro Championship mode, League is self-explanatory, and Knockout Cup is too. More customisation is on offer with season length, number of teams taking part, match length, one leg or two, extra time/silver goal/golden goal/penalties - you can play it how you like it. You can even edit the teams and players with the Custom Squad option. There are plenty of game modes to go at in England International Football alright. If you're looking for a challenge against the computer, this is just about the toughest we've come across - even on the easiest mode against the supposedly weaker teams. In common with any other footy game, playing with friends is where it's at, and as competitive football-themed nights in are concerned - and especially at the time of its release - England International Football is well worth looking out for.

Additional Information

Boxed AGame complete with manual and in VG-VG+ Condition
Boxed BGame complete Good-VG condition
Boxed CGame might have manual missing
DGame Cartridge or Disc only