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Colin McRae DiRT ( PS3)

Quick Overview

Colin McRae: DIRT is the most diverse and exciting off-road racing experience ever with exhilarating gravelicious, mud-spattered and downright dirty events the world over. Colin McRae: DIRT also offers a dedicated mode for European, International and Global rally championships featuring official 2WD, 4WD, Classic and RWD rally cars. There are six racing disciplines to get to grips with: Rally is home to the likes of Colin himself and Travis Pastrana, and is the pinnacle of the off-road racing scene. Rally includes point-to-point challenges set in six countries: Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia and the UK; Crossover is derived from the Super Special Stages found in Rally events. You race head-to-head around a two-lane circuit; Rallycross is the European-based sport of racing on circuits combining on and off-road elements. The competition is fierce and action-packed with the tracks comprising the best from the UK and France; Rally Raid is where world class rally vehicles race in long-haul off-road circuits in the USA; CORR (Championship Off-Road Racing) is America's greatest short track off-road series, with Super Buggies, Class 1 Buggies and Pro 4 Trucks all causing the dirt to fly; finally, there's Hill Climb, the most extreme of the disciplines, with you in control of an 850 bhp monster, racing to the top of the mountains. Awesome! Some of the best bits from former Colin-flavoured glories are present and correct, none more important than the deliciously savage and competitive AI, devastating car damage and authentic engine and rubber on gravel sounds.

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