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Bandai Wonderswan Console Information


The Wonderswan is a handheld system designed by the same person as the Gameboy. It has only ever been released in Japan and is unlikely to make it over here. Wonderswan 1999


Monochrome Wonderswan First released in a monochrome version.

The actually system itself runs from a single AA battery and features two sets of control buttons so it can be played either horizonatlly or vertically. Came in loads of different color cases such as Skelton Pink or Crystal Blue. Designed by the late Gumpei Yokoi who also desinged the Gameboy. Also comes with its own 'killer' puzzle game Gunpey. Its a bit like a cross between Pipemania and tetris.


Color Wonderswan The updated color version has a much nicer color screen which doesnt show as much lcd ghosting. It also comes in a range of striking clear crystal cases.


Wonderswan SwanCrystal There is now a new version due out in July (2002) called the Swan Crystal, appears to be a all round upgrade with larger and clearer screen 2.8-inch reflective TFT LCD, better sound, battery life etc etc.


Wonderswan SPECS:

CPU 3.072 MHz 16-bit

Screen Refective TFT LCD Screen Resolution: 224x144 pixels

Colours: 4096

Memory: 512K VRAM/WRAM

Power 1 AA Battery Est Battery Life: 20 hours

Size (cm) 12.80 x 7.43 x 24.3 Weight: 3.35 oz


Wonder Witch - This is a development kit for the wonderswan which allows you to write your own games for the system.


WonderBorg - A programmable robot bug with various sensors. Kind of like a small bug version of big track which is programmed remotely by a Wonderswan with a radio programming cart. Has the added benifit of being able to sense its surroundings.


Battery and Adapter / Link Cable. Allows two wonderswan systems to be linked together for 2 player games.

Wonderswan Games

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