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Sinclair Spectrum Console Information



You could buy it as a kit or finished through mail order. This came with BASIC built in and a 4k RAM pack!

ZX80 /ZX81 1981


Based around a Z80 processor Clive Sinclair effectively created the UK computer market with his ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.

Spectrum 16K 1982


Original Rubber Keyboard model. First released with 16k memory. Initially priced at around £100.

Spectrum 48K


Popular 48K version. More memory added but not much else. Many peoples first computer the Spectrum brought affordable computing to the masses. Thousands of games were released as with only 48k to play with games could be written by one person.

Spectrum Plus

Spectrum Plus added new keyboard.

Spectrum 128K


Spectrum +128 Kb RAM, AY-3-8912 sound chip, keypad, RS232 port and "real" keyboard.

Amstrad Spectrum +2


128K with built-in tape deck, new (grey) case and keyboard. First Amstrad-produced model.



+3 with a tape deck instead of disk drive.

Spectrum +3


128K with built-in disk drive, new ROMs including a DOS and some internal changes on the bus. Back to a black case.

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