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Super Nintendo / SNES Console Information

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo Entertainment system or SNES as its more commonly known is probably one of the best consoles ever made. There are hundreds of quality games available - ranging from arcade conversions such as Street Fighter 2 to RPG games such as Zelda Link to the Past, Secret of Mana and Breath of Fire. We stock a large selection of over 250 games, accessories and systems


Super Famicom

November 21, 1990 (Japan)

Known as the Super Famicom in Japan, the system is basically the same as the UK version except that it runs at 60Hz and has territorial lockout. Controllers have smaller leads and have super Famicom written on them. It cost 32,000 yen when released and came with 2 controllers and Super Mario World.


September 1991 (USA)

Released in the US with a new case design. Games came on different shaped carts to the Famicom version being more rectangular. Also later released as a slimmer version, bit like a small UK shape but basically the same hardware with the Rf output removed.


June 1992 (Europe)

Not released in Europe until 1992 the European version came in the same style case as the Famicom. Games available at release included Super Mario world 3 and F-Zero. PAL consoles play games approx 16% slower than an NTSC one, with larger black borders at the top and bottom of the screen. We can supply or fit PAL systems with a switch to allow them to play like a US console at full-speed and in full-screen.

SNES 101

New Style American SNES

The new slimline version, only released in the US and Japan. Much smaller than the original system. Has the Rf output removed and came supplied with the Composite cable instead. Yoshis Island boxed set shown here. There are also several versions released without the power supply included in the box.




Type: 65816 16-bit: 2.68 / 3.58 Mhz
16-bit Picture Processing Unit





POWER (UK only)


SNES Regional Protection

Physical Lockout
US systems use different shaped carts, these have square edges and will not fit European or JAP systems. European SNES carts won't fit US consoles either due to 2 small tabs which correspond to grooves on the bottom of carts (a similar method was used on the N64).

Lockout Chips
Control Decks having a security chip in the Deck and a counterpart in every game cassette. The device is called CIC, games attempt to communicate with the corresponding chip in the system before they will run.

Speed Check / PAL protection
Later SNES games contain a code to check for a 60Hz or 50Hz display. The NTSC TV system displays 30 frames of video per second (60Hz). The PAL system displays 25 (50Hz). Games often display the following message if used in a system running at the wrong speed. "THIS GAME PAK IS NOT DESIGNED FOR YOUR SUPER FAMICOM OR SUPER NES."

Voltage Change
Later versions of the SNES seem to output a lower voltage to the cart slot, as far as we know this was done to try and hamper the use of disk copying devices which drew power from the snes to work. That said we have never had one that didnt work, any one else?

SNES Enhancement Chips DSP and FX/FX 2

An interesting feature of many SNES games is that they used special enhancement chips to enable more powerful games to be played.

Used in many games like Pilotwings, and Super Mario Kart to provide more realistic 3D graphics effects by doing some of the data processing on the chip rather than the snes iteself. There is also a DSP2 chip.

SNES Super FX/FX 2
Used in games using 3D polygon effects, such as Star Fox and Vortex. A Super FX 2 chip is a faster version of the FX chip, and is used in Doom, Dirt Trax FX, and Stunt Race FX. The FX chip makes use of the extra twin 8 pin connectors, which can be found to the left and right of the main cartridge contacts on FX games.

Designed by Capcom this is a graphics chip, used to create transparent graphics effects in Mega Man X2 and X3.





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