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PC Engine Console Information




Known as PC Engine in Japan and Turbo Graphx 16 in the USA.

The PC Engine was first to use card based games called HuCards. It was also the first Console to have a CD addon well before the MEga CD appeared. For its time the PC Engine provided near arcade quality games with titles such as R-type and Street Fighter. Bomberman was first written for the PC Engine and a Multitap is available for up to 5 players. The PC Engine also provided upgrades in the form of Addon Cards which added more memory.


PC Engine

Japan October 30, 1987

White 1st edition.

Resolution: 256x212x64 colors
Memory: 64k VRAM
CPU: 2x Hu6280
Sound: 6 FM/Stareo voices

Core Graphix


Core Graphix
Japanese 2nd edition. Added Composite Video AV output

Turbo Grafx16


American version
1st 16-Bit system to be released in Usa

Jap Duo System


Duo R / DUO RX

LT system


Turbo express





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