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Nintendo 64 / N64 Console Information

Nintendo 64

Surprised many by releasing a cartridge-based system when Sony and Sega were using CD based systems for greater storage. Debut game Super Mario 64 set the standard for the 3D platform genre. Some of the most highly rated games of all time have been released on the N64 Including Zelda and Goldeneye. Ultimataly, could not compete with playstation's mass market appeal




Custom 64-bit MIPS R4300i-class RISC (93.75 MHz)


RCP (62.5 MHz)
Built-in Audio/Video Vector Processor (RSP)
Over half a billion (500,000,000) vector operations/sec

Pixel Drawing Processor (RDP)

Advanced Texture-Mapping
Detail Texturing
Tri-linear Mip Map Interpolation
Perspective Correction Environment Mapping
Depth Buffering
Color Combiner
Anti-Aliasing and Blending
Automatic LOD Management
Vertex positioning and transformations
Depth, color and texture clipping
Transparency (256 levels max)
Gouraud Shading


4 Megabytes - Upgradable


Stereo 16-bit
100 PCM channels possible


256 x 224 to 640 x 480
Flicker Free Interlace Mode<br>
21-bit color output<br>
32-bit RGBA Pixel Color Frame Buffer

Nintendo 64 Games


There are tons of N64 Games available with some real classics such as the Zelda Series and Mario. There are also sadly some great games that will never make it to the UK such as Sin and Punishment as shown here.





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