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  1. Sotsugyo Shashin / Miki( PC-Engine Super- CD-ROM) ( TurboGrafx CD )

    Sotsugyo Shashin / Miki( PC-Engine Super- CD-ROM) ( TurboGrafx CD )


    This enhanced version of the earlier computer release allows the player to play either of the games directly from the main menu. Both games feature some re-drawn artwork and remixed soundtrack, as well as voice-overs that were not present in the computer versions. The protagonists' names have been changed to Naoki Muraoka (Sotsugyō Shashin) and Tetsuya Watanabe (Miki). While the gameplay of Miki remains largely unchanged, this version of Sotsugyō Shashin allows the player to choose Hiromi Kamura as the protagonist, which adds a second scenario to the game where the same events are presented from her point of view. The gameplay system has underwent a few tweaks, making some of the player's choices influence the course of the story. While the original game only had one ending, this version has seven endings for Naoki's scenario and ten for Hiromi's. Learn More
  2. Urusei Yatsura: Stay with You ( PC-Engine  CD-ROM) ( TurboGrafx CD )

    Urusei Yatsura: Stay with You ( PC-Engine CD-ROM) ( TurboGrafx CD )


    Urusei Yatsura: Stay with You is based on the manga series by Rumiko Takahashi. The protagonist is Ataru Moroboshi, a high school student who accidentally evokes love in the heart of Lum, the princess of an alien demon-like race. The game does not recount the initial events of the manga and instead is built like an episode, assuming the player's familiarity with the general story and characters. Ataru's ex-girlfriend Shinobu disappears under mysterious circumstances. Ataru and Lum must explore the high school building and find out what happened to Shinobu. The gameplay is that of a traditional Japanese-style adventure, where all interaction (including navigation) is performed by selecting verb commands from a menu and combining them with objects from a list. game progression is fairly linear, and it is typically required to complete an objective in one location in order to be able to proceed to the next one. There are no real puzzles, but an inventory with items that can be examined is present. Learn More
  3. Zan: Kagero no Toki ( PC-Engine  CD-ROM) ( TurboGrafx CD )

    Zan: Kagero no Toki ( PC-Engine CD-ROM) ( TurboGrafx CD )


    Kagerō no Toki follows Yasha Enbukyoku as the next game in the Zan series. Unlike the previous game, Kagerō no Toki contains no supernatural forces (demons), and instead focuses on concrete events of the Sengoku period in Japan, more exactly 16th century, a period of Japanese history that was marked by continuous wars and famous leaders such as Oda Nobunaga or Tokugawa Ieyasu. The game offers more strategic possibilities than the previous installments of the series. Choosing a region of Japan and its leader, the player can perform a variety of activities, both in his country and towards other leaders. Diplomacy includes negotiation, signing contracts and peace treaties, etc. Battles are also more in-depth than before; instead of semi-automatic encounters battles occur on a separate map, on which the player has to actively navigate his unit, before he engages the enemy in close combat. Learn More
  4. Record of Lodoss War  ( PC-Engine  CD-ROM)

    Record of Lodoss War ( PC-Engine CD-ROM) ( TurboGrafx CD )


    The game is based on the novel cycle Record of Lodoss War by Ryo Mizuno, and more closely on subsequent manga volumes and OVA series. Its story generally follows the one of the OVA, the main hero being Parn, a young man who grows up in a small village and later becomes one of the strongest warriors in the world, thanks to his father's mysterious heritage and his own courage. Like in the anime series, the game begins with a goblin attack and with Parn leaving his home village together with his best friend Etoh in search of adventure. This version of Record of Lodoss War is a traditional Japanese RPG with top-down world map navigation and random battles. There is a strategic element in the battles, allowing the characters to freely move on the battle field. However, the battles can be set on auto, making them more fast-paced and similar to traditional Japanese RPG combat. The towns have menu-based first-person view navigation. Learn More
  5. Mateki Densetsu Astralius  ( PC-Engine  CD-ROM)

    Mateki Densetsu Astralius ( PC-Engine CD-ROM)


    It was just an ordinary cruise ship gig for the four musicians. The band leader, known only as the Flute (the player names him and the other heroes before the game begins), never thought that it will end in such a way... Suddenly, a tornado engulfed the ship, and the poor musician found himself in the magical world populated by angelic creatures and monsters! Naturally, this world, called Astralius by its inhabitants, needs salvation. Only the Magic Flute can avert a demonic threat. Apparently, our hero is the only flutist in all the dimensions, since it is now his task to take the unlikely role of a noble paladin, find other musicians to help him on his quest, and show everyone that music can, indeed, save the world! Despite the somewhat unusual choice of protagonists, Mateki Densetsu Astralius is quite an "old-school" Japanese-style RPG. The player controls the nameless flutist and other musicians (trumpet player, drummer, etc.), who later join the party, exploring the top-down world, visiting towns to buy weapons, armor, and items, descending into dungeons, automatically leveling up, progressing the story in a linear fashion, and fighting randomly appearing enemies in turn-based combat viewed from first-person perspective. Casting magic spells is called "performing" in the game, though it requires magic points, like in other games of this kind. Those magic points must be bought in special shops. Unlike most other PC Engine (TurboGrafx) CD RPGs, there are no voice overs or animated cut scenes in this game. Learn More
  6. Super Schwarzschild  ( PC-Engine ) ( TurboGrafx CD )

    Super Schwarzschild ( PC-Engine- CD-ROM ) ( TurboGrafx CD )


    Super Schwarzschild is a spin-off entry in the Schwarzschild series. The game's scenario is based on that of Schwarzschild II. The story is much more elaborate and character-specific; unlike the earlier game, there is a linear plot advanced through dialogue and anime-style cutscenes. The player takes control of Alcion, the crown prince of the Auraclume kingdom, who is forced to terminate his studies abroad and return to his country in order to defend it against a treacherous enemy. The gameplay system is vastly different as well; as opposed to the main entries in the series, Super Schwarzschild is not a grand strategy game. The gameplay is confined to much smaller areas and is also significantly more linear and mission-oriented. Rather than presenting free-form gameplay and interaction with a multitude of nations, the game is restricted to a single military conflict. Diplomacy options are completely gone; finances, resource management, and research have been simplified. Much of the game is dedicated to military strategy and tactics, involving arming and deploying ships. Battles are actively controlled by the player; they take place on separate small screens and require the player to navigate ships and attack enemy craft in turn-based fashion. Learn More
  7. Bakushou Yoshimoto No Shinkigeki ( PC-Engine SUPER CD-ROM  )

    Bakushou Yoshimoto No Shinkigeki ( PC-Engine SUPER CD-ROM )


    complete with giant mechanical crab and Glico man, our man Kanpei stars in this platform game with variety levels and humour to match the Goemon series. The variety includes remembering which the prettiest girl on Osaka bridge is after they have jostled position for a one up. Or a dance section or ride on roller coaster both requiring fast reflexes. Or playing paper, scissors, stone and tossing a sizzling okonomiyaki pancake at the loser. Or mole bashing or rodeo riding..? The real peaches though come on the samurai themed level: slicing through bamboo mats or fighting attached to a kite. The platform sections are fun too: a walking stick power up turning you into an old man to beat everyone with the stick, or climbing up ninja grappling ropes, or jumping over raging bulls. The variety sections may require a little bit of Japanese knowledge, but are simple to work out through trial and error. Genki doesn't often compare to the seminal Goemon series, but this is real, tear jerking fun. Learn More
  8. JINMU DENSHOU ( PC-Engine Hu Card  )

    JINMU DENSHOU ( PC-Engine Hu Card )


    Jinmu Denshō is a game based on the style of Space Harrier where you play a Samurai who must run and jump into the screen to destroy evil creatures who run and fly at you from a distance with your sword. You do have the ability to run back on yourself, though, and later levels have platform jumping action. Scattered along the way are statues, which, when broken, allow you to collect health or shurikens that you can throw at distant enemies. Learn More

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