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Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO - Millionaire Fighting 2001 GameCube / Wii

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Published by
Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
Developed by
Capcom Co., Ltd.

Dreamcast, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox

Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO - Millionaire Fighting 2001    GameCube

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  • Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO - Millionaire Fighting 2001    GameCube
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO - Millionaire Fighting 2001    GameCube


A beat'em'up with characters taken from many Capcom and SNK games. The game system is centered around "grooves" which are selected before any battle. These different grooves alter the character's abilities to resemble different Capcom or SNK games. There are three grooves dedicated for each company, and even the option to define a custom groove. The "EO" of the GameCube and Xbox titles refers to a new groove: Easy Operation. Instead of the normal inputs needed to do special and super moves, these moves are instead done automatically by tapping the right thumb-stick in specific directions. Only a small part of each character's moveset can be accessed this way, however, and if the player does not select EO then the game will play the same as the arcade and previous releases. Playable characters come from the following games: Street Fighter (Ryu, Ken, Eagle, Sagat) Final Fight (Rolento) Street Fighter II (Guile, Chun-Li, Blanka, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Zangeif, M. Bison, Balrog, Vega) Final Fight 2 (Maki) Super Street Fighter II (Cammy) Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Akuma/Gouki) Street Fighter Alpha (Dan) Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Sakura, Shin Akuma/Gouki, Evil Ryu) Darkstalkers (Morrigan) Street Fighter III (Yun) Rival Schools (Kyosuke) Psycho Soldier (Athena) Fatal Fury (Terry, Joe, Raiden, Geese) Art of Fighting (Ryo, Yuri, King, Todoh) Fatal Fury 2 (Kim, Mai) Samurai Shodown (Haohmaru, Nakoruru) The King of Fighters '94 (Kyo, Benimaru, Chang&Choi, Rugal) The King of Fighters '95 (Iori) Fatal Fury 3 (Yamazaki) The King of Fighters '96 (Vice) The King of Fighters '97 (Orochi Iori) The Last Blade 2(Hibiki) Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves (Rock)

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