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Atari 2600 Console Information

Atari Video Computer System
The Atari VCS and 2600 was one of the most
popular home consoles ever produced. First released in 1978 it is also
one of the first. There are at least 800 games available many of which
were simpler versions of popular arcade games such Pac-Man, Space Invaders
and Defender.

Atari Video Computer System


VCS CX2600


The Original model has woodgrain and black plastic case. Six silver switches across the upper front panel. Bundled accessories include two CX40 joysticks, one CX30 paddle controller, AC adapter, TV switch and a CX2601 Combat game cart.

Atari VCS Specifications



6507, 1.19 MHz


RAM: 128 Bytes, in VLSI
ROM: 4K max


Stella, a custom graphics chip that controlled the synchronization to the TV and all other video processing tasks
Graphics Clock: 1.19 MHz




2 Joystick ports.

Other Atari Models


Sears TeleGames Video


Same as above except some external cosmetic differences (the "difficulty" switches are labeled "skill level", switch panel is silver instead of black, woodgrain pattern is slightly different. Also Labled Sears Telegames.



officially uses the name "2600" for the first time to help differentiate it from the newly introduced 5200 Super System. The 2600 is primarily black with no woodgrain, and otherwise looks like the VCS

Atari 2600 Jr


2600 Jr

Atari 2600 Jr





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