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Atari Jaguar Console Information

With Sega and Nintendo battling neck and neck with their 16-bit platforms, Atari seized the opportunity to return to the console market after 7 years. A small company calling themselves 'Flare 1' were on the verge of developing a multiprocessor console. Needing the funding to develop it further, they approached Atari Corp. Atari was trying to develop their own console code named 'Panther' at the time. They jumped on the offer, and development for the 'Flare 2' continued alongside the 'Panther'. Eventually plans for the 32-bit Panther were scrapped for the renamed 64-bit Jaguar.


The Atari Jaguar was released in the United States in December of 1993. The console was manufactured by IBM. Atari boasted the system as being the first 64-bit console. They also boasted about a host of developers and a hundreds of games being created for the system. The system had amazing technical specs for its time. The console contained 5 processors mounted on 3 chips. One was a traditional Motorola 68000, and the other two were nicknamed 'Tom' and 'Jerry'.


The use of the Motorola 68000 was a reason that the Jaguar's validity as a 64-bit was put to question. You see... the Motorola 68000 is a 16-bit processor, and 2 others were 32-bit. Only 2 processors were actually 64-bit, but all the registers and buses were in fact 64-bit. Regardless the machine had a ton of potential.


Atari's main advertisement campaign was under the slogan "Do the Math!" Their point being 'Why would I buy a 32-bit system for $300 when I can get a 64-bit Jaguar system for $149?'

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